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Listen To Your Feet

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Listen To Your Feet

If more than one of the following questions grab your attention, you should consider wearing Football Pro Shop  Socks.

Q: I suffered from an ankle injury during a workout.

During intense sports, like soccer, in which you have to turn and stop suddenly,
 it is against the law of inertia.
 Soccer boots with the studs can help you fight the inertia, but when your feet slip inside the boots, the inertia is not your friend. 

This is when you get injured or the lower part of your body gets overly fatigued.           

Q: I can't pedal properly with full power while I'm on a bike.

 In the cycle, the shoes usually do not slip on the pedal

But the slip between feet and shoes still exists, which will drag down your performance significantly.

Q: My toes hurt when I hike.

When you climb, your feet must be exposed to a lot of shocks and they get tired.
As you go uphill, you need more energy to hold the grip with your feet and toes, and when you go downhill your toes may hit your heels due to the lack of power. This can lead to a serious injury especially when you fall down.

Q: When I do trouble shots, my stance is never stable.

If you have to hit a trouble shot on a non-flat surface, your feet may slide in your shoes. 
It is difficult to get a stable posture when you have a ball in such a hard position and your feet are slipping. 

And a long walk over the course will also build up fatigue and make your posture even less stable.

Q: It's not easy to wear shoes due to my high instep.

All feet are different, but some of you may have to buy special types of shoes because you have a high instep or some other unique feature with your feet. For those who wear special shoes are usually experiencing more feet troubles including blisters or corns. It can also cause spine damages. You may want to try a special type of socks with special shoes.

Q: I have a soft insole but my ankles still hurt.

If the insole is overly soft or cushioned, even though the first impression may be good,
 it will eventually be quite unpleasant and actually harmful on the ankles and knees. Your feet will be constantly trying to balance,
 so it will be harder to stay stable on top of the pain.