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Feet and Shoes Must Work Together Better to Prevent Injuries 
and Improve Performance. Based on the founder's experience, Football Pro Shop Technology began with the development of functional insole products for people who complain of soccer injury and pain. 
Today, we are growing into a company that pursues wellness in life and offers comfortable non-slip products.

We developed our own LCD display shock absorbing polyurethane foam
Based on our experience as a core component of smartphones, we have developed polyurethane non-slip socks and non-slip and shock-absorbing insoles.

 As a result, the footwear puts the feet and shoes together to meet the speed of change...

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energy efficiency socks, how resilience socks, LCD display non-slip socks, shock absorb socks -

Unique Urethane By the combination of shock absorption and resilience, energy efficiency is increased and lower body 
fatigue is reduced. As we became one of the major companies in the shock absorption technology of the LCD display over the years
, we came to achieve advanced special urethane technology. We do not buy general raw materials and manufacture insoles like other companies.
 After developing, we test every step of the manufacturing from the raw materials to the final products. Millions of microcells absorb every shock.We Foot’s urethane micro cells absorb all the impact, Not just 
shock absorbing, reduced the force you use when you are active. 


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If more than one of the following questions grab your attention, you should consider wearing Football Pro Shop  Socks. Q: I suffered from an ankle injury during a workout. During intense sports, like soccer, in which you have to turn and stop suddenly,
 it is against the law of inertia.
 Soccer boots with the studs can help you fight the inertia, but when your feet slip inside the boots, the inertia is not your friend. 

This is when you get injured or the lower part of your body gets overly fatigued.            Q: I can't pedal properly with full power while I'm on a bike.  In...

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