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State Of The Art Grip Solution

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State Of The Art Grip Solution

Unique Urethane

By the combination of shock absorption and resilience, energy efficiency is increased and lower body 
fatigue is reduced.

As we became one of the major companies in the shock absorption technology of the LCD display over the years
, we came to achieve advanced special urethane technology.

We do not buy general raw materials and manufacture insoles like other companies.
 After developing, we test every step of the manufacturing from the raw materials to the final products.

Millions of microcells absorb every shock.
We Foot’s urethane micro cells absorb all the impact, Not just 
shock absorbing, reduced the force you use when you are active. 

When you step on, the shock absorbs and converts the dispersed 
energy into repulsive elasticity, special urethane that reduces the 
force when moving forward! It will reduce your fatigue. 
Excellent coating technology ensures no damage during 
intense activity.

How is it semi permanent?

It does not damage easily and endure even intense activity and exercise when urethane insole is active in the water, it absorbs water, which makes it heavy and easily damaged. The upper foot insole does not become heavy even when it is active in water through the coating, It is not damaged and can maintain an old life.